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“Sober” is the first release from the ET Boys from SoFlo. The ET Boys are the brothers Tacboy and Sharkeyes. Sharkeyes creates all the music for the tracks while Tacboy takes lead on the vocals and lyrics. “These sounds cannot be forced into creation but rather are born from the bonds of brotherhood,” states Sharkeyes.

This is a synergy that comes from growing up together in a home where dancers, musicians and music of all genres were welcome. What the brothers create as a duo is their own unique sound which has been described with various genre influences including melodic rap but is best described as the ET Boys Nu Pop sound. “Sober”, their first release, tells a story which is visually and dramatically supported by the high intensity video which accompanies the track. The “Sober” video brings you into the life of someone with a substance problem.

From violence to losing his girlfriend, that life is falling apart before our very eyes. Domonick Giorgianni, video creator, said, “The ET Boys were a dream to work with – super talented dudes who came in early and ready to work. Get ready to have your minds blown.” The “Sober” video is a powerful message about self destruction. As we follow the video’s storyline and music, we feel the struggle of the main character as well as his friends as they try to help him. We see that the driving force of the music is what can ultimately can save him. A future release entitled, “Long Night” will tie together the two videos in the life of the brothers.

If you have problems with substance abuse of any type, get help. You can call the National Hotline: 1-800-662-4357 “From their music to the videos, the ET Boys are clearly making their own art and set to make their special mark on the world, “ states Pepper Gomez. Tacboy, a signed IMG model, is already being compared to Jim Morrison in looks, vocal fluidity and lyrical production. In this analogy, Sharkeyes is the Ray Manzarek of the team with his formal studies in piano and drums from which he pulls to create and elevate his tracks, not to mention with over 100 tracks in the vaults for future releases.

There has never been anything like the ET Boys and “Sober” is starting off as strong as it gets as it hits the airwaves June, 25, 2021.

Signed to Wake Up! Music and with distribution by ONErpm, the summer sounds of nu and indie pop are here.

The ET Boys – lighting up your summer and moving in for life!
Video by Domonick Giorgianni/Domino Effect Productions Song by ET Boys

Track by Sharkeyes
Vocals by Tacboy

Produced by ET Boys and Sahaj Ticotin
Executive Producer – Pepper Gomez Distribution by OneRPM

Copyright 2021 Wake Up! Music, LLC ASCAP/Pepper My Music Publishing


​@WakeUp Music Group

Artist: ET Boys

Label: Wake Up! Music Group

Release Date: July 11, 2021