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1. Nowhere

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About Album

“Nowhere” is the third release from the ET Boys from SoFlo.

Sharing their talents for melody and ear worms once again are ET Boys. “Nowhere” takes us on a journey from the first vox note and massive intro synth drift to the end with the Latino brothers from Miami, Tacboy and Sharkeyes. With Sharkeyes creating and playing all the music and Tacboy on lyrics and vocals, the ET Boys continue to bring us into their Nu Pop – Melodic Rap sound – easily recognizable and equally as unforgettable. Following up their first smash track, “Sober”, as well as the second release, “Something Love”, Tacboy describes “Nowhere” as the rock and roll life that he wanted when he was in college. Hot and rolling, this track is a total ET Boys groove and we get to ride it!

“These songs they should be hitting for you…”

Video Created by Cristian Aranda @abueloretrowave

Lyric Video Produced by ACRONYM /Ami Nicole

Song written by ET Boys

Track by Sharkeyes
Vocals by Tacboy
Produced by ET Boys and Sahaj Ticotin
Executive Producer – Pepper Gomez

Distribution by OneRPM
Copyright 2021 Wake Up! Music, LLC ASCAP/Pepper My Music Publishing
@WakeUp Music Group

Did you read this far? Contact Pepper Gomez – info@etboysofficial.com – she has some stickers for you – ET Boys stickers of course. Thank you for listening to Nu Music.

Artist: ET Boys

Label: Wake Up! Music Group

Release Date: October 07, 2021