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About Album

TIOD – Two In One Day. The ET Boys continue to create with their 6th drop in less than a year. In anticipation of their album, TIOD takes us to ET Boys Land. We feel it. And, we love what we feel. We love that we feel! As Tacboy, the dreamy front man for the band says, “Even though it is a very moody song, TIOD gives you that sensation of the hope you feel in the late hours of the night.”

Song created and produced by ET Boys
and Joseph Salamida/Vanquish Studios
Vocals and Lyrics – Tacboy
Intro Vox by Sharkeyes
All Music – Sharkeyes
Lyric Video by Daniela Valerio
Executive Producer – Pepper Gomez

copyright www.wakeupmusicgroup.com – “Peace and Love Y’all! Enjoy it all!”
#ETBoysOfficial – the ET Boys are @Tacboy_ and Sharkeyes

Digital streaming link: https://onerpm.link/130254470010
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ASCAP/Pepper My Music Publishing 2022

Artist: ET Boys

Label: Wake Up! Music Group

Release Date: March 24, 2022