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Poison Lipstick


1. Poison Lipstick

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About Album

Poison Lipstick” by the ET Boys aka Tacboy and Sharkeyes brings us another ear catching nu music tune for the summer. We look forward to the album drop which soon will follow. All in the span of a year! Continued congrats to the ET Boys for the great music and to the listeners’ great tastes!

Credits –
Song by ET Boys

Track Written by Sharkeyes
Lyrics/Vocals by Tacboy
Produced by ET Boys with Joseph Salamida/Vanquish Studios
Mastered by Dave Kutch/The Mastering Palace
Executive Producer – Pepper Gomez

Video Art by Cristian Aranda / abueloretrowave
And Daniela Valerio

Distribution by OneRPM


Copyright 2021 Wake Up! Music, LLC ASCAP/Pepper My Music Publishing (ASCAP)

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Artist: ET Boys

Label: Wake Up! Music Group

Release Date: July 28, 2022