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Rain or Sunshine


1. Rain or Sunshine

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About Album

And here we have yet another choice release from the ET Boys. “Rain or Sunshine” is one of their shorter tunes, but what compact beauty! With some of the coolest synth parts and a smoking rhythm by Sharkeyes, “Rain or Sunshine” calls your ear immediately and is one of the Label’s favorites. Tacboy’s lyrics pose the eternally-present question, “Would you be there for me no matter what?” These are the kinds of things we like to ponder looking up at the sky as we listen to the ever growing set of simply ace Nu Pop tracks brought to you by Sharkeyes and Tacboy – THE ET BOYS!

ET Boys – Rain or Sunshine – Credits

Digital streaming smartlink: https://onerpm.link/522063619679

Release 2/18/2022

Track by Sharkeyes
Vocals and Lyrics by Tacboy

Vocals recorded by Joseph Salamida/Vanquish Studios

Vocals produced by Tacboy, Joseph Salamida, Pepper Gomez

Produced by ET Boys, Pepper Gomez, Joseph Salamida

Lyric Video by Ami Nicole/ACRONYM

Lyric Video Footage shot by Pepper Gomez

Cover art layout – Daniela Valerio


Distribution by OneRPM

Artist: ET Boys

Label: Wake Up! Music Group

Release Date: February 28, 2022